Sep 5, 2013


  • Think that fall is on it's way.  Gray and gloomy today.
  • I am attending a wedding/handfasting tomorrow.  Egads it has been years since I have been at a wedding.
  • Oh and this is planned to be outside and of course, the weather says rain.
  • I just love it when I buy a batch of random beads and one is just perfect for the ABS Challenge for September.
  • Goodness I know a lot of Virgos.  I really need to start tracking birthdays so that I can make up gifties and in advance.
  • I managed to break my little toe Tuesday nite.  I have it taped to another toe.
  • I really need to start carrying my phone everywhere so that I can get more pics.
  • Still haven't found those missing beads of mine.
  • Wish that this day would go by quicker so that I could be off work.  


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