Sep 22, 2013

There are days...

When you really don't want to leave the house.  Today is one of those days.  I am pretty sure that fall has decided to make its entrance complete with the gray skies and let's not forget the rain.  And of course, I have errands to run.

I need to go to Costco. And while I love my job and hours, Costo and almost everything else is closed by the time that I get off work.  Now I am sure you are thinking that I could go before work but I actually start at ten in the morning. And there is no stopping before work as I telecommute for work.  Hence having to run out on a cold and rainy day.

Okay now I am done whining.  I wanted to remind everyone to stop by for the 2013 Fall Fashionista Events Giveaway.  It is apt to be cold and rainy then so plan on sticking around the house and entering for all the great prizes.  I will be giving away some jewelry from Shaiha Designs.  Hope to see you then!


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