Oct 25, 2013

6th Do Over Challenge

I have been reading about these 'do over' challenges where Jeannie from We! The People will send you out one or two pieces of jewelry and you get to come up with a new design.  I was lucky enough to be able to take part this time.  The rules state that you need to take a picture of necklace that you are sent (oops) and use at least 50% of the original piece.

Well as you probably guessed, I messed up on the first part.  I was so excited that I tore apart the first necklace and then remembered that I needed to take a before shot.  Luckily I actually got two chances to do it right.  I did want to show off my first design though.  It was made to hold one of the e-cigarettes.   The beautiful green adventurine beads are from the necklace sent to me by Jeannie.  The lampwork bead is from StudioJuls.

Now I did much better on this second piece.  I actually took a picture first!  What struck me first about this design was not the focal at all, instead it was the beautiful chain.  Yeah I am kinda a chain junkie.  So since the chain consisted of 50% of the design...  well you get the picture.  No?  Well here it is.

I also used the beautiful smoky quartz that were part of the earrings that went with the original necklace.  I added in a focal made by Lea of LA Jewelry Designs.  I just love all the colors that come to life in that focal and felt it looked best hanging off of some gorgeous chain.
I have worn both several times and have gotten several compliments on them.  Which one do you prefer?

Now that you have seen my offerings, be sure to stop by the rest of the participants to see what they came up with.  I am sure that you will come across some real show stoppers.

Jeannie K Dukic
Penny Houghton
Susan Delaney
Becky Pancake
Therese Frank
Donetta Farrington
Molly Alexander
Mowse Doyle
Renetha Stanziano
Ginger Davis Allman
Kathy Richardson
Christie Murrow
Veralynne Malone
Shai Williams
Beti Horvath
Linda Britt
Miranda Ackerley
Mischelle Andrade
Tracy Stillman
Charlene Bausinger
Deana Hager

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  1. Ooh too hard to choose a favourite! Both pieces are put together so well.

  2. That's ok you forget to take a picture of one of the necklaces. Just your excitement makes me smile. WOW how perfect are those aventurine gemstones with that lampwork beads. Good Eye! The lampwork focal in second necklace really did bring it to life and really undated it.

    1. Thank you so much! I really had a lot of fun with this challenge.

  3. Good job Shai. I like both of your pieces. I favor the adventurine one.

    1. I have to admit that is my favorite though I do have to admit that I tend to reach for the simpler one more.

  4. I totally love that second one with that incredible glass bead. Gorgeous! And I'm curious how you use these with e-cigarettes? Do they come with a loop? (Painfully ignorant chicka here.) I love that you're making functional jewelry, too.

    1. There is actually an added piece that you slip onto the e-cig that has a loop.

  5. That's a whole lot of wire wrapping on the first piece- love the focal beads in both pieces. Nicely done! Christie

    1. Thank you :) I enjoy wire wrapping. I go into my studio, put on an audio book and wrap away. I find it relaxing.

  6. Great work! You really used what you were given to great advantage!

  7. Hahaha...laughing because I ALSO didn't take pictures of my "before" pieces. I thought I did; in fact, I could swear that I did...but they sure weren't available when I went looking for them! Moving on...your pieces are beautiful. I love that first gorgeous colorful wire-wrapped beauty, and can well imagine all the compliments! Wonderful job!

  8. Too hard to choose! Love both the pieces, their design and colors

  9. Hi Shaiha,
    I love them both so I can not pick which one I would pick I pick them both.You did a great job on both, they are beautiful.

  10. I love how you stretched yourself and made wonderful things.

  11. Beautiful job on your pieces! The first piece is my favorite, even though both are gorgeous - Juls is one of my favorite bead designers, and I have about a million of her beads to use in my designs as well. The colors in both designs are so fun - great job! :)


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