Oct 24, 2013


This has to be my favorite part of the year.  It's when I am able to drag out my sweaters and start wearing my boots.  Some women love shoes, well I love boots.  I just wish that they were as easy to store as shoes. 

My favorite holiday is also on it's way.  If you haven't guessed that would be Samhain or as it is better known as, Halloween.  I have already been to one costume party and had a ball.  Hubby has some pics of my costume but didn't send them my way :(.

Now I do have a few things upcoming but I also wanted to remind you of a contest that is going on until the  30th.  That would be the 9thandElm.com giveaway.  Be sure to enter it here.

This weekend is going to be a busy one for blog hops.  On Saturday, I am part of a Do Over Hop where I was sent out a couple necklaces and I redid them in my own style. 

And then on Sunday, I am part of an Autumn Blog Hop where we celebrate all things autumn...hmmm..  maybe I should get a picture of my boots.  Or at least one pair of them.

And last but definitely not least, is a Halloween Blog Hop where I get to celebrate my favorite holiday.  This will be coming up on next Monday.

Hope to see you all here for these fun hops.

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