Nov 5, 2013


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I am not one to stress.  If I am not able to fix something, then I tend to let it go and concentrate on the next thing that needs my attention.  For some reason that has changed over the last few weeks and I am not sure why.

That isn't quite true.  I have added a few stressful things into my day lately such as caring for my husband.  We are in the process of trying to get him on disability since he is no longer able to work.  And of course, the claim was denied so we had to go get a lawyer. In fact, I have learned that in my state is is almost an automatic denial unless one is dying. It's not that I don't like lawyers but more along the line that I think it is ridiculous to have to go to one.  All we are doing here is feeding the lawyers.

I am also going to meet with a friend that is a mortgage broker tomorrow.  I am going to attempt to get a mortgage on the wonderful house that I have been living in the last 3 years.  This really shouldn't stress me as I have been working on improving my credit for the last three years and I have a nice down payment to help things run smoothly but yeah I am stressing about that.

This stress has also been following me down into my studio.  It has spooked my muse so I haven't really been that productive there.  This last weekend, I managed to only make one necklace that that is for a blog hop that will be happening later this month. 

So wish me luck on being able to get a home loan and overcome this stress I have been going through lately.  Oh the plus side, I am not a stress eater so I have been loosing that weight.  Hopefully I can get rid of that  extra five pounds that seem to have taken up residence.
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  1. Fingers crossed for you, Shai (wish I could say I wasn't a stress eater... aiyiyi)

  2. Fingers crossed on both issues :) I hope you find the right lawyer that fits you and your situation, and can get things done quickly :)


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