Dec 9, 2013

Boo's Misadventures.

We have been having weather here that is flat out freezing.  I don't think that it has been above 32 degrees for the past week.  This just isn't our kind of weather at all so I am very glad for a warm house with a good heating system.

My ritual on weekends is to get up to let the dogs out and turn on the heat.  Once everyone is back inside, we cuddle until the house warms up.  Yesterday morning however one of the dogs didn't come back.  And of course, it was Boo who being a MinPin doesn't have a coat for this kind of weather.

When she didn't come to the door when I called, I slipped on my sandals and went out to investigate.  A lot of things can distract her.  I don't call her a PinHead for nothing.  That is when I discovered that one of the fence slats between us and our new neighbor had come down.  Now they have a fenced yard also but one of the slats on the back also was down.  The hunt was on.

Now just imagine me out with sandals, yoga pants and a sweater wandering through the neighborhood yelling 'Boo'.  I was fairly frantic because it didn't take long for me to have to go home and grab a coat and shoes.  And poor Boo didn't have anything.  I had images of an icicle of a dog being found.

After about 40 minutes I was able to find her trapped in another yard.  Not too sure just how she managed to get in there as the lady wasn't aware she was there.  My poor baby was just shivering to beat all so I tucked her under my coat and took her home.

So much for my gradual and warm Sunday morning wake up.  The rest of the day went great but what a way to wake up.


  1. Oh poor little baby >.< does she not have a coat because she refuses to wear it, or because you haven't found on in her size? We have doggy sweaters and coats for everything from Chihuahua up to Great Dane, up here >.< lol I can send you down a sweater in her size for her for Yule if you'd like ;)


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