Dec 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

English: A bauble on a Christmas tree.
English: A bauble on a Christmas tree. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I hope that all of my readers have the best Christmas if you celebrate it and just a wonderful day if you don't.  Whatever you choose to do, please be sure to do it safely.  I know that in a many parts of the country, there is a lot of snow and ice on the roads.

 Around our house, it is a quiet day where we go out and watch a movie.  In fact, it is the only day that I can say for sure we will see a movie as it is one of our traditions which started early in our marriage.  This year we are going to see THE HOBBIT:  THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG.

The rest of the day is devoted to relaxing and recharging.  I plan on hitting my studio and finally put all the goodies I picked up during the holiday sales put away.  I really should get some pics and put up some bead porn.  Hmmmm... I might just do that if I get ambitious tomorrow.

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