Jan 4, 2014

Book Review: Vampires Need Not...Apply

Meet Dr. Antonio Acero. Heir to Spain's wealthiest family, world-renowned physicist, and dedicated bachelor. While on vacation in southern Mexico, Antonio discovers an ancient Mayan tablet. Local legends say it contains magical properties, properties that could put his stalling research on the map.

But is this really his lucky break?

When Antonio attempts to put the tablet to use, he'll discover that Fate has other plans. Her name is Ixtab, and she's quite possibly the deadliest deity who ever lived.

* * * * *

First off,  I really want to give Ms. Pamfiloff kudos.  I am terribly anal about having to read a series in order as I always feel as though I am missing something.  This series however is a real kick in the pants no matter what order you read it in.  I have already picked up the ones that I am missing for those days that are just blah.

So you are a Goddess.  That doesn't mean that you don't have issues and one of Ixtab's biggest issues is that she is lonely.  And she doesn't see that changing any time in the next several hundred centuries.  Oh but wait.  Life is supposed to be ending in a few months unless they can get her brother back and to do that, she has to get along with this annoying scientist.

What really makes this book so amusing is watching their relationship grow and change.  The dialogue will have you rolling with laughter.  Add in the other Goddess and Goddess along with their loves and you have a barrel packed full of laughs.

As you can probably tell, I loved this book and highly recommend this series to any of my readers who enjoy paranormal comedy mixed with a bit of danger.


  1. This does sound entertaining - I might just have to check into these. Thanks for the heads up and recommendation!


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