Feb 10, 2014

This & That

  • It snowed here Satirday night.  Now I know that for a lot of you this isn't a big deal but I live in Puget Sound region where it doesn't snow much.  It was super pretty but there was no way I was going to put on shoes and bundle up to go get a pic.
  • I didn't manage to get any jewelry made this weekend.  I took a fall down some stairs on Thursday and somehow I managed to mess up my left shoulder.  Heck even sitting here typing stresses it.  Anyways, I am giving it time to heal.
  • I have the most gorgeous necklace all laid out so not being able to sit down and wrap it all together is driving me nuts.
  • I had to drive up to Redmond to pick up some chicken saturday afternoon.  Very pretty drive and it was great on the way there.  
  • I would like to know just who decides to close down three lanes of a four lane highway.  To go 2.2 miles it took me almost an hour.
  • Hey if anyone lives in an area that Zaycon Foods delivers to, I highly recommend them.  I just picked up forty pounds of boneless chicken breasts.  And fine looking breasts they were and all I can say is that they came off some well endowed chickens.  Actually all of the meat products I have gotten from them were well above the quality that you find in the grocery stores and they cost less.
  • Went out and got my nails done.  In kinda keeping  with the new color of the year, Orchid, I picked up some dark purple nail polish.  Kinda lavender meets Goth.  I tried to get a pic but they look black in all the ones that I took.
  • When I was out and about I ran into a couple snowmen.  Now the snow had pretty much melted by Sunday afternoon but we still have snowpeoples to remind us.
  • I have my paychecks deposited onto a paycard and guess what.  There was fraud on my card on Thursday so Friday that card was cancelled.  I can't even access my paycheck until Thursday at the earliest.  I am so glad that I don't have any bills that are due before that.  And that I had some cash on me ( I usually don't have any so someone or something was looking out for me)
  • It has been a mixed bag these last three days but overall, it's been good.  I managed to finish an audiobook Touch and Go which I enjoyed for the most part. 
  • Best of all, I spent some time with my hubby.  When I am working heavily in the studio, we don't tend to see much of each other.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the fraud, but at least you caught it quickly! I've been debating on going for online banking. I don't have a bank book to update and check, so I have to wait until the end of the month for my statement, or pay for an update at the teller ( or go through my financial adviser who does it for me and doesn't charge me, shhh ;)). Pros of the online, I can check daily if I want.. cons- all the hackers and crap that get the better of you. Still debating >.<
    Hope your shoulder heals quickly so you can get to work on that necklace! I hate when I have something I really want to get done and life gets in the way... then by the time I can do it, I no longer have that drive or desire to actually do it >.<


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