Mar 18, 2014

BSBP: Bead Soup Ingredients

Last Friday, my mailman left a note in my mailbox that I had a package from my partner, Beckie Robison of Spiral Fire Studios.  Good thing that he couldn't hear me because he didn't bother to knock to let me know that I had a package and I was not happy to have to wait another day.

I ran over to the post office on Saturday and picked up my package.  I didn't even bother to start back up my car until after I had torn the box open and fondled my new treasures.  I feel really spoiled because Beckie makes her own beads and the lampwork is to die for.  It has a lot of my favorite colors with the ivory, turquoise, orange and black.  And the is a combo of copper and silver and flat out gorgeous.  I am actually glad that I am required to use it because otherwise it would disappear into my hoard of treasures.

I have ideas already on what I am going to be doing with my pretties but I am making myself wait until after I finish up some pieces for some other hops that come first.

Since my partner has recieved her soup ingredients, let me show you what I sent to her.  We only need to send a focal, a special clasp and a few supporting beads but I am horrible at paring down my soups so I always send more.

This picture shows off a couple of the focals.  The button is from Marsha Neal Studios and the Heart is from FireFly Design Studio.  The silver is pewter that I have picked up in various places.  My focus was really on ceramics since my partner focuses on lampwork beads.

These glass pearls and crystals are to go with the above soup.  They are both from Znet Shows.  They are a wonderful place to stock up on semi-precious gemstones, good quality glass pearls, crystal with some of my favorite treatments and sea glass.

This last batch focuses on copper with a copper focal and beads.  The beads are onyx.  It also contains a handmade copper clasp from The Curious Bead Shop. I can hardly wait to see which part of the soup my partner decides to work with and what designs she comes up with.

These last pictures were taken using a Modahaus Photo Studio that I had won in a contest on The Beading Gem's Journal.  This was actually my first time using it but I can already tell how it is going to help to improve my photos.  Now I just need to pick up a contraption to hold my iPhone still.


  1. I love it when the partner sends something they created themselves, Shai! Nice to see you are enjoying your Modahaus :)

  2. Beautiful soups! I can't wait to see what each of you create. Lucky girl to win a photo studio!

  3. Oh! Love that lamp work! And the copper - oh, are you going to have fun!



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