Mar 13, 2014

National Potatoe Chip Day!

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I am pretty lucky in the fact that I don't have to worry much about my weight as long as I stay away from my binge foods.  Unfortunately, potato chips happens to be one of those foods.  And because I haven't had the need to build up my will power in regards to food, I have learned that it is better to just not have them in the house.  I just don't trust myself not to sit down and eat the entire bag.

The one day that I am able to relax and pick up a couple bags is tomorrow because it is the National Potato Chips Day.  I justify the purchase saying that I am honoring one of my favorite snack foods but really it is because I love chips. 

My favorite flavors are the Sour Cream Cheddar and a plain wavy chip dipped in clam dip. Or an onion dip or guacamole.  And boy do I love dips so you can see where indulging definitely widens my hips. 

Do you have any foods that you love but you limit yourself to only once or twice a year?  What are your favorite chip flavors?  Do you have a particular dip that just curls your toes?
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  1. Love Spinach dip, but was raised on Hot cheese dip with Rotel tomatoes. My fave is Chicken wing dip, eaten with chicken crackers tastes just like Hot wings! Got to have the Bleu cheese in it though not just cheddar, lol!! All the new chip flavors makes it hard to pick one but Dill Pickle is my absolute favorite chip!!


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