Apr 30, 2014

Don't Forget

Edited to add:  This blog hop has actually been postponed until May 10th.  Hope to see you then!

This weekend is the reveal for the Bead Soup Blog Party! I am so looking forward to it and it even looks as though I am going to have some great weather to be able to get some better pics to show off.  I will be giving away a book for this hop also. It's a signed design book that I picked up to give away.

Oh and don't you just love my little bead guardian.  She is watching over beads for another blog hop.


  1. There is no way my kittehs can be trusted as bead guardians without wreaking their own special brand of chaos. They are gorgeous beads though.

    1. Oh she has her times when she is tossed upstairs. Her love is strings and I do a lot of knotting.

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