Apr 25, 2014

Year of Jewelry

Whew.  I thought that I was going to have anything to show you this week because it has been raining like cats and dogs.  Luckily I had a necklace that I finished up a couple weeks ago and managed to get a picture off.  I have to admit that I love my new picture set up and it does help me take better pictures but blue skies are required.  Since I live in Washington, I am thinking that I am going to have to get some lights before this winter.  Heck if the weather doesn't improve, I am going to have to get some pretty soon.

The theme this week was UFOs, or better known as Un Finished Objects.  I had a couple of necklaces that I had laid out and never got around to finishing.  This theme got me moving.  This necklace is knotted on Waxed Linen which I love because it gives a necklace such a wonderful drape.  The focal is from JKD Studio and is knotted up with sea glass from ZNet Shows.

This week has been pretty blah with all the rain but we did have our monthly potluck on Saturday and had a blast.  I just love getting together with everyone and catching up on their past month.  With me working from home and Saje being disabled, this is about the only real people contact I get.  Thank goodness for the internet because I don't feel isolated with all the friends I have made online.


  1. This is so pretty. I love the color. I've been thinking of getting a light box set up too. It's so dreary here, and in winter it gets dark so early. I need to challenge myself to work on some UFI instead of UFOs - unfinished ideas - they haven't even gotten to the object stage!

  2. This is so pretty ~ those blues and the rounded squares are very very soothing. I haven't used waxed linen yet, but it is on the list of materials I need to get my hands on.


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