May 14, 2014

ABS Monthly Challenge
Capriccio Padovano, 1741
by Bernardo Bellatto
Oil on Canvas
19.3" x 28.7" (49 x 73 cm)

It always amazes me just which directions inspiration will take us.  When I first saw this painting, I thought what a lovely painting but it didn't really speak to me.  But I kept thinking about it and going back to look at it again and again.  What finally struck me was how much it reminded me of another city with canals, Amsterdam. 

Now Amsterdam, and by extension the Nederlands, has a lot of inspire me as I spent a lot of time there.  I lived on the German/Nederlands border for years and still have many fond memories of that time.  When I was there, I collected Delft pottery and amassed quite a bit until it was lost in a fire.  I had recently picked up some beads to celebrate to celebrate the country and the pottery.

The ceramic beads in this bracelet are actually part of a prize that I won from an earlier monthly challenge from Art Bead Scene and are from Earth Butter Beads.  Also included is some Indonesian recycled glass, seed beads, some glass beads and a pewter clasp.  The design of the bracelet was from a tutorial in BeadStyle by Lorelei Eurto though I have made a few changes.  I have to admit that I have become addicted to this style bracelet and waxed linen.  And no, I didn't  knot this one up on waxed linen because I didn't have any in the right color.  This is actually C-Lon.


  1. Oh my what a stunning bracelet! I am creating in blue & white colorways today, something I've never done before, and now I know it is Delft pottery I am reminded of! Thank you. And you lived in Amsterdam/Nederlands? So neat! I can feel the wonderful time you had there coming through in your art -- its glowing with joy & beauty & grace!
    Happy Hopping! ♥ Rita


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