May 30, 2014

Year Of Jewelry Kinda

I am finally admitting defeat.  Not to the Year of Jewelry Project idea which is to make one piece of jewerly a week.  I have NO problem doing that but with the idea of having a pic taken to put up here every week.  I am finding all to often that the design that I have made through the week is one that you will be seeing later in a blog hop so that I can't show it to on Fridays.  Or as in this case, the sun didn't cooperate and I have a bunch of jewelry made and haven't been able to get some good pics of it.

So instead I will be posting a random bag on Fridays.  Today it is going to be some pictures of my favorite flower, the lilac.  This flower always reminds me of my Gram's house in Portland Oregon when I was a kid.  Good memories.

I hope that you enjoy.  What is your favorite flower?  Is it because of the aroma or does it bring back good memories?

**Pics are from Graphic Stock where you can get a free seven day trial


  1. Lilacs because of the aroma - it's my favorite flower smell. Roses because they are just beautiful.

  2. Beautiful pictures, love the bright colors.


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