Jun 13, 2014

June Art Bead Scene Challenge

Trees Laden with Parasites and Epiphytes in a Brazilian Garden, 1873
by Marianne North
Oil on Paper

If I am being honest, I have to admit that this month's challenge was hard.  It all has to with the name of this piece of art and the fact that I have issues with parasites.  I have had too many dogs and cats over the years to picture anything good with parasites.

So I decided to try to ignore that part of the title and concentrated on all the different beautiful greens that this picture has.  I love foliage and have quite a few house plants growing in my house.  And since I have been stuck on bracelets lately, it would have to be a bracelet.

In digging through my stash of art beads, I came across a beautiful set by Heather of Humblebeads in a gorgeous sage green.  I had a lentil along with some spacers so my design was born.  It didn't hurt that the focal also included the blues from the painting along with white of the leaves and butterfly.

I also gathered up a bunch of green seed and Czech glass beads, and knotted it all up on olive green waxed linen.  Yeah the style is similar to what I did up last month but with the change in colors and type of focal beads, it has such a different feeling to it.  I do want to thank Lorelie Eurto for putting out the tutorial that this bracelet sprang from. 

This bracelet with all of its varied greens has a soothing yet happy feel to it and is perfect for the spring and summer month.  It is for sale for $64.99 and if interested, just drop me a line or a comment here.

For further info on Art Bead Scene or their monthly challenges, please click here.  I do have to say that even though some of the pictures really push me to find inspiration, I look forward to this challenge every month.  This challenge has definitely pushed me to use my art beads rather then hoarding them like a dragon watching over his gold.


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