Jun 5, 2014

Lawns and a contest winner

Does anyone remember when there were kids that would knock on your door asking if you needed your lawn mowed?  Does anyone remember doing that when they were younger?  Heck I had friends that had quite the business mowing yards.  My thing was more babysitting.  Now mind you, that was back in the days when you could only get fifty cents an hour or a dollar for multiple kids but I still had some spending money especially as I didn't have any bills.

Sigh.  Okay done tripping down memory lane.  We are in the process of buying the house we have lived in for a few years.  It has a yard and there aren't any kids knocking on my door.  I think that the best investment I have made in the past year was a lawn mower light enough that I can handle.  Or at least I can handle it long enough to get half the yard done.  And yes, I feel that I have accomplished quite a bit when I get that half done.  (I have learned to celebrate the small things especially since I am feeling it today)

Picked up some containers to do some more organizing in my studio though I haven't convinced the DH to help me move the furniture. ( I had him convinced but then I hurt my shoulder. )  Lately I have been on a bracelet kick and purchasing beads and finding to that end.  But I was putting them away in the correct places and never finding them again.  So now I am going to put all the bracelet goodies in one bin.  Of course soon that will have some many goodies in it that I wont' be able to find a thing.

What I would like to get is a couple of those RASKOG kitchen carts.  Wouldn't those be so perfect for the studio.  And the color.  Yeah just the color alone is almost enough to sell but I am thinking that top bin would be perfect for bead soup.  I am trying to make a concentrated effort to pull beads out of my bead soup to use.  I guess that I should define bead soup for those of you that aren't bead junkies.  When I finish a design if I just have a few of certain bead left, I toss it into a brandy snifter to use another time.  I have quite the collection going and it would be so wonderful to just be able to pull that mix over.

**Okay shameless plug time** Actually I have a lot of things that I would love to get for my studio but at least, the cart is affordable or might be in a couple months.  I do have a board up on Pinterest if folks are interested in other ideas for studio.  I also have a lot of tutorials pinned along with hoards of other things.  

Now the moment that you have all been reading along for.  I pulled my winner for the Bead Soup Blog Party a couple days late and I do apologize for that.  So without further ado my winner is Audrey Bélanger!  Because she is in Canada, I will have to wait until payday to send out her copy of Bead Chic by Margo Potter.

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  1. Whoohoo! Congrats Audrey! :)

    You know, if you can only manage to mow half the yard, transform the other half into something enjoyable but not mowable. I like English gardens if you don't have allergies, or rock gardens with fountains and such if you do. The rock gardens will just require a bit of weeding on occasion .

  2. I have thought about it. I would love to pull out the grass in the front yard and going with a low growing ground cover. The problem right now is cost because I can't physically do it so would have to pay to have it done.


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