Jul 7, 2014

Book Review: A Shiver of Light

I am Princess Meredith NicEssus. Legal name Meredith Gentry, because “Princess” looks so pretentious on a driver’s license. I was the first faerie princess born on American soil, but I wouldn't be the only one for much longer...

Merry Gentry, ex–private detective, now full-time princess, knew she was descended from fertility goddesses, but when she learned she was about to have triplets, she began to understand what that might mean. Infertility has plagued the high ranks of faerie for centuries. Now nobles of both courts of faerie are coming to court Merry and her men, at their home in exile in the Western Lands of Los Angeles, because they will do anything to have babies of their own.

Taranis, King of Light and Illusion, is a more dangerous problem. He tried to seduce Merry and, failing that, raped her. He’s using the human courts to sue for visitation rights, claiming that one of the babies is his. And though Merry knows she was already pregnant when he took her, she can’t prove it.

To save herself and her babies from Taranis she will use the most dangerous powers in all of faerie: a god of death, a warrior known as the Darkness, the Killing Frost, and a king of nightmares. They are her lovers, and her dearest loves, and they will face down the might of the high courts of faerie—while trying to keep the war from spreading to innocent humans in Los Angeles, who are in danger of becoming collateral damage.

* * * * *

I was rather excited when I found out that Ms. Hamilton was going back to the world of Merry Gentry. I loved that series and have always been in lust with Doyle/Darkness. I wasn't as pleased with the execution. There were a few places where I was pulled out of the story to try to figure out just what was meant by a sentence. While I know that it wouldn't bother most people as we do tend to skip over punctuation when we read, it drives me nuts if I have to rewrite a sentence because of it.

She also went way overboard with describing the characters. I would appreciate a brief description since it has been years since she wrote the last book in this series but to get a complete one every time she sees one of her men. She could have furthered the plot rather then making the end so abrupt if she hadn't wasted the word count.

And the sex scenes. This is Merry and it has always been a rather sensual/sexual series but this time, it really felt forced. She has just given birth and her men haven't had sex for quite a while and we have to get in those sex scenes. I know... let's all do oral.

As you have probably gathered, I wasn't happy with the ending. Perhaps it had been an epilogue rather then the ending chapter, I would have been more satisfied (back to the editing). As it was, we skipped ahead to some unknown length of time to snip or tie off several threads. It was almost like "oops we forgot about that or this or that. Better let the reader know how it turned out.

This is one book that I am very glad that I got through the library as while I don't begrudge the time I spent reading it, I wouldn't have wanted to pay for the pleasure. I know that I am not usually this scathing but there was a lot of disappointment. 


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