Aug 29, 2014


  • My bistro set finally arrived!  It's the perfect size to sit on our front porch and the chairs are surprisingly comfortable.  I have enjoyed sitting out there in the evenings.
  • We got really good news!   My husband's disability hearing is finally set for November. 18th.  Now he has been unable to work since December of 2012 so it has been rather tight around here especially since our roommate moved out.  I am just so glad that I have a job that is able to cover all the necessities.

  • I finally finished a design that I am happy with for the Blu Mudd challenge.  There will be some voting for the most popular design in September so I will be sure to let everyone know.  The focal is from Blu Mudd and the stones are a mix of carnelian and red adventurine.

  • It has been so long since we have had a puppy around that I had forgotten how destructive they can be especially if they are small and agile.  Spook, my foster dog, managed to get one the table and pulled out one of those flyers from a magazine to chew on.  Sigh.
  • iPhone pedometers don't actually work unless you carry your phone with you everywhere.  I found this out when it told that I had only walked 50 steps.  Yeah that is up and down the stairs once.  Could it be because my phone sits next to my computer all day.
  • Could someone please explain me why the state government should be able to put a lien against my house which is in my name only for my husband's child support which according to the law is not my responsibility in the least..  This just doesn't make any sense to me in the least.  If it isn't my responsibility then don't try to put a lien against my property.


  1. The state is oddly intrusive about child support. It doesn't seem fair at all to put a lien on your house. Does Washington State have a homestead exemption?
    Its nice to find out you are a fellow tea drinker. I couldn't get by without a pot of tea, hot or cold, doesn't matter, I love it


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