Sep 12, 2014


  • I tried to sign up for a product review and was turned down because my pics are too small.!?!  Now I have always tried to make them as large as possible with my blog layout.  So obviously time to make a change.
  • I would like to have a professional blog makeover but it just isn't in the budget so I did some tinkering.  What do you think about the changes?
  • I loved having five days off over the Labor Day weekend as it gave me to time to rest up and to open up my store.  Yep I actually have a store now!  If you would like to check out any of my designs just click here.
  • I swear it is one step forward and two steps back with Rusty, our little foster dog.  It will be a cause for celebration once he is ready to go to his new home.
  • Has the joy of dealing with the IRS.  They decided to take my full refund and apply it to my husband's past child support even though I filed out the paperwork so my share would come back to me.  I tried to get through to a live person eight times before I looked up the tips online to get through.  Found out that they didn't show that I sent in the right form so I have to do it again...sigh.
  • Made my first sale in my new store.  So excited!  I hope that Suzi likes her new necklace.

  • This is one that came together when I disappeared into my studio on Sunday.  I was looking for a focal for the ABS challenge when this one jumped out at me.  Nope won't work for the challenge but I still love her.  Focal is from Firefly Designs.
  • I won a custom gift bag from Sharyl's Jewelry & Reflections along with quite a nice write up for the store.  Be sure to pop over and take a look.

  • I have been pretty lucky this week.  I also won a pair of earrings from Laren Dee Designs!  I don't normally wear a lot of yellow but I will make an exception for these earrings.  Aren't they gorgeous?


  1. Congrats on your sale, and your win of those fabulos earrings.


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