Sep 19, 2014


  • As you know, I messed my back up a couple of weeks ago.  It has been rather annoying as well as painful especially since I have NO idea what I did.  I mean it is one thing if I hurt myself having fun but to be totally in the dark about why really bugs me.  Anyways, I won a Wahl Hot-Cold Massage with a Vibrating Therapeutic Gel Pack from My Fab Fit Forties and was notified about it on Tuesday the 9th.  I didn't reply back until Wednesday the 10th and my massager arrived on my door step on Saturday the 13th.  I am utterly shocked at the speed of this sponsor and to thank both Gigi and her sponsor.  My back is loving you both.

  • I wanted to show everyone the goodies that I got from Sharyl of Metapolies.  And she just opened up a new shop so be sure to go check out her wares.  The big picture is of all the goodness she sent me including a tote bag I had won and the next picture is a couple focal that she made and sent to me.
  • Still working the process of purchasing our house.  A lot of hurdles but they sure make me appreciate this place all the more.
  • I  have never been a patient person but working with our little foster is definitely teaching me to be one.  And to celebrate each and every step forward.  When he jumped up on the bed to get pets before I got up, I felt like I should hire the Goodyear blimp to announce that he actually let a human touch him willingly.
  • I have had Pinterest for quite a while but didn't pay a lot of attention to it. Once I got my iPhone however, I find that I enjoy looking for new pins to add in the evenings before I go to sleep.  Apparently people appreciate this hobby of mine as I have over 9,000 followers.  When I break the barrier of 10,000 followers, I will be holding a contest here on my blog for a pair of earrings.  To win, you will have to follow both my blog & my Pinterest account so if you aren't following me already, just click on my little PI button to join in.  I pin a lot of jewelry tutorials as well as inspirations and other occasional recipe that sounds really good.


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