Sep 26, 2014


  • Why is it that when you get a new cell phone from the store, you can use it immediately but if you order it online you have to wait hours to charge it?  Don't they think you will be just as excited to get it and don't want to have to wait?
  • Arg!  I thought that I was all ready to upgrade to a bigger iPhone but I forgot the password my backup was saved under.  I have to delete iTunes and start again.
  • Why is it that as soon as it was officially fall, we started getting the rain and clouds?  You would think that someone was watching the calender.

  • Took Rusty to the vet to see about getting him on anti-anxiety meds.  His vet is out in Brown's Point so I pulled over and took a few pics of the water.
  • Not too happy with T-Mobile at the moment.  I had to return my old phone back to them to get my new one at the discount.  According to all their paperwork, they would pay postage but if I wanted to add insurance I could.  I get to the post office to find out however that if I want insurance then I have to pay the postage.  And yes I wanted the insurance so I paid the postage. It was only a few dollars but that wasn't the point.  I feel as though I was misled.


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