Sep 21, 2014

When bigger isn't always better

I love my cell phone.  Now.  When I got my first smart phone, I did what most geeks would do and went with Android.  And that's where my issues started.  I couldn't get it to sync properly with my PC no matter what app I downloaded to coax it to work.  And there was the size.  I have smaller hands so a large phone just isn't comfortable.

So I went to an iPhone even though I got teased by my techie friends.  And the first thing I noticed was the fact that my iPhone was talking to my PC.  My biggest headache was gone.  And then there was the size.  The iPhone 5S was the perfect size for my hands.  I finally felt like I had found 'my' cell phone.

So what does Apple go and do?  They are making the iPhone larger which is the exact opposite of what I like.  Well maybe not the exact since I don't want the phone to get any smaller either.  I just happen to think that it was the perfect size already.

So what did I do?  I waited until the iPhone 6 became eligible for pre-order so that the prices on the older phones would drop.  I then ordered myself an Iphone 5s with more memory for the same price I was paying for my current phone.  You see, if there was one issue I was having with my iPhone, it was the lack of memory.  I was so used to being able to add more so I thought that a 16gb phone would be big enough.  Not so.  I had to keep pulling off my pictures.  So this time around I got a 64gb phone.  If that isn't enough memory then I am outta luck.


  1. I have an old HTC rezound - and I mean old. (2011?? I think) When we got it, it had a processor larger than my pc. And it takes the best pics of any camera I've seen. It's winding down and I know it's time to think of getting a new one - which they don't make,...I'll have to get it's 'big brother', which is larger and I have small hands, too!! So, to get an iPhone 5s (which our son has and loves) or what? Apple makes it hard with 'everything being apple' these days, but I joked to my hubby the other day and said, "Oh great. They're going in the reverse direction and soon we'll be holding those old brick phones like they had in the 80's!!. I might be right. LOL!!


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