Oct 3, 2014


Dark Magic Bracelet (sold)

  • Happy October!  This is one of my favorite months even though it does tend to get cold and wet here in Washington.

  • I follow the Blue Moon Beads blog and a couple weeks ago, they had a post asking folks to post on on their Facebook page what they were working on.  They were going to draw six winners to send some beads to.  I posted a design that I had laid out and hadn't let put together.  A couple days later, I noticed that I had won.  Only three of us actually entered which is really a shame.  I like the fact that I won but for this giveaways to continue, people have to support the pages and take the time to enter the contests.  Anyways, I recieved a rather large box today that I wasn't expecting so I opened it to discover a dragon's hoard of beads, chain and findings!  I am going to have a lot of fun with them and the best part is that since I didn't have to pay for them, I can pass those savings on to my customers.

Jasper Gears

  • Thank goodness I have an IT Goddess.  I tried to bring up Outlook and Firefox so I could write up a book review and check my email.  And my computer locked.  I could limp it into opening but anytime I tried to do anything, it would lock.  It ended up that I got the black screen of death.  Of course, my computer didn't get any warning but instead commits suicide spectacularly.   Yep you guess it.  My hard drive died and I had everything backed up in an external hard drive.  Not the most recent but I wouldn't lose ten years of emails and documents.  No stress.  Let's just get another hard drive.  I am now up and typing
  • Except.  Yeah there had to be one.  We can 't find the back up drive.  At all.  My imp has struck again.  We are hoping to recover some of the data off of it but for right now, I have over 400 emails that I didn't get a chance to read and nothing that I have saved over the years.  There is kinda a saving grace though.  I had just gotten a new phone with more memory so I did have all my contracts backed up as well as my bookmarks.

  • Some beads that are being turned into charms for the Beads of Courage Charm hop.  I don't make my own beads so I take some artisan beads made by others and make charms with them,


  1. Hi Shai, Dark Magic is beautiful. Congratulations on the hoard that you won. I wish I had known about it.

  2. I do tend to share a lot of contests on Facebook. I don't recall though if this was one of them.

  3. Wow ~ that Dark Magic bracelet is gorgeous! Great color in that one.
    I like the soothing look of Jasper Gears. It has a nice flow to it.
    I was unaware about Blue Moon's blog...I will check it out. Great stash they sent you!
    Best of luck with the computer issues. I feel your pain!


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