Oct 10, 2014


Looking for the Fall Fashionista?  Just click here.
  • Bet you will never guess what those are.  Yep.  They are solar collectors that are installed at Seattle Center.  Could you image a garden of those in the Sahara Desert?
  • Went to the Northwest Tea Festival on Saturday and had a blast.  I always forget to take a lot of pics though :(
  • I remember the days when going out and having fun didn't require a day of recovery.
  • Wow!  This is a short post this time around.  I normally add things as I think of them throughout the week but I just haven't spent that much time near my computer this week. 
  • I finished up a couple of necklaces on Wednesday but they are for blog hops so I can't show them off yet.

  • Always be sure to look at quantities.  I ordered some clasps that I thought I would like on clearance but I didn't notice that for each one I ordered, I actually ordered a dozen.   They are nice sturdy clasps but I didn't need 6 dozen of them.
  • Don't forget to check out the Fall Fashionista!  I would love to pick up some of those gift cards or purses.  And of course, it's a chance to win a $150 gift certificate to my store.


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