Oct 24, 2014


  • I downloaded a new calender app for my iPhone called Timeful.  It is supposed to help keep me organized and build new habits such as taking some time to journal or exercise.  I just started using it on Saturday but I can say that it did help me get a good deal of my to-dos finished on Sunday until I was sidelined by a migraine.  It's not the prettiest calender or to-do app out there but I like how it combines both into one and it is a free app.  I will have to see how it works out. 
  • Speaking of cell phones.  I upgraded my iPhone to the latest version of IOS 8.  I am really hoping that it will help resolve the wi-fi issues that this operating system seems to have.   For the most part, I am happy that I did the upgrade but I don't care for the fact that I am constantly loosing my signal when I am laying down when I never did on IOS7.
  • I have been considering joining the Red Hat Society but their website won't even let you find out if there are chapters in your area without paying your money.  What's up with that.  It's not a lot of money but I don't want to waste it to find out that the only groups meet at a time when I am at work.  Is anyone a member of the Red Hat Society and if so, what do you think about them?

  • I was contacted by Amused Paws and asked if I would be interested in doing a review of their dog toys for them.  With my menagerie of course I was interested! They are sending me the Froggle stuffie which will be perfect for Bella Boo.  She just loves to cuddle witj stuffed animals.
  • I guess that you can say that I am addicted to words.  At one time, I would have narrowed that down the written word but I find that I enjoy listening to books and podcasts as much as I do sitting down with a book.  In fact, I find that I end up listening more then I end up reading because then I can multi-task.  

  • I originally started this blog years ago to share contests that I found online.  Boy has it grown and change but I still occasionally enjoy sharing a good contest such as the one that Niky is hosting over at her blog, silverniknats. There's a lot of ways to toss your name in the hat so be sure to check it out.


  1. I wonder what makes you lose your connection when you lay down?! That is truly bizarre. I'd say it must be a wonky wire or something. Have you contacted the company about it? Maybe it's something that can be fixed easily.

    Oh the horror... that adorable froggie was made to be mauled by dogs... my mother would be horrified.. she's a major frog lover lol She actually has an entire room in her house dedicated to frogs... and her collection has long since spilled over throughout the res of the house and into the yard :) We've had to limit the froggie gifts to useables and wearables... no more mere collectables !


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