Nov 7, 2014


  • Great start to my week even though the dogs woke me up way to early again for breakfast.  I fed them, grabbed my tea and stumbled downstairs to find a notice that I had won a contest held by Niki at SilverNiknats.  Just look at all those goodies!

  • I have taken to having three books going again; one in audio, one on my tablet and one in paper from the library.  I think subconsciously I am trying to get as close to my goal of a hundred books this year though I really doubt I will make it. 
  • I received my Art Charms from the swap that I participated in.  They are utterly gorgeous.  Don't forget that duplicates of the charms I received and far more will be going up on auction on November 14th with the proceeds being donated to Beads of Courage.
  • I am not at heart political but I do wonder what is going to happen to us in the next two years.  Will the rich kept getting richer?
  • Goodness,  Where has the week gone?  Tomorrow is Friday and it doesn't seem like it should be yet.

  • It has been a lucky week for me.  I found out yesterday and I won some beautiful seed bead rings to make up into a design for Art Jewelry Elements.  Aren't those gorgeous?  I immediately thought earrings but then decided that would be too easy.  I don't know though.  Me and earrings are anything but comfortable together.


  1. Yay that you are in the AJE challenge this month. I look forward to see what you make.


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