Nov 28, 2014


  • I am not one that does well without a car.  I have had one pretty much consistently since I was eighteen and since I have gotten older with fibro, it has become an necessity.  My car went down last Monday and hasn't worked since.  Apparently it was just a battery that needed supercharged but it was a comedy of errors getting that done.  It's working right now.  I am just hoping that it continues so I can go into the office tomorrow.
  • Why is it that you can pay into the SS system for years and when you are disabled, you have to hire a lawyer to get disability?  Why is it that in a a lot of states, your claim is going to be automatically denied no matter what the doctors say unless you are dying?  I know that lawyers have to make a living but folks that are trying to get disability really don't need to pay 25% to a lawyer.  Arg!


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