Dec 5, 2014


  • Goddess knows, I am addicted to chocolate and hazelnuts happen to be my favorite nut.  So why is it that I don't care for Nutella?  You would think that it would be a match made in heaven.
  • Been suffering from random vertigo for the last couple days.  The critters love it because when it hits, the only cure seems to be laying down with my eyes closed.  They of course take this as a sign to cuddle.
  • I am going to be attending a Christmas Tea on the 14th.  This is rather exciting as I love going out to tea and to actually find others that enjoy it is a real win in my book.  

  • The only downside was that I had to find a purple formal or semi-formal dress to wear.  Now I have never been a clothes horse and since working from home, my wardrobe has really diminished.  And I have never been one to wear purple.  So the quest was on.  My goal was to find a nice dress without paying an arm and a leg.
  • I actually lucked out. It's simple so I need to make up some jewelry to go with it and it fits like a dream.  Now I just want to find a little black sweater to wear with it so I don't freeze to death.


  1. Nice dress you found! Have fun at the tea. I love going out to tea as well.


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