Jan 2, 2015


  • I do hope that everyone that celebrate Christmas had a great day!  I meant to put a blog post for the holiday but totally lost track of time.
  • Pooka, my foster puppy has turned into a total cuddle but only with me.  I can't seem to convince him that other people, including my husband, would love to put and cuddle him also.  I am not even a dog person but they all seem to latch onto me.

  • I just have to show off my surprise present.  This was sent by one of my facebook friends and when it arrived, I will admit to being worried that I had forgotten a swap or something.  Nope.  Laren Dee sent these out to her friends on Facebook just to brighten our holiday. 
  • Spent a couple easy days over NYE & New Years Day.  Just played video games, rested and worked on jewelry.  I still have couple designs left to finish for the Muffin Tin Challenge on January 5th.  


  1. Oh, when I saw Pooka, tears came into my eyes. Pooka looks so much like our dear Snickers, who crossed the rainbow bridge last year after ten post-rescue years with us. I am so glad Pooka has attached to you.


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