Jan 26, 2015

Review: Dangerous Dream

Catch up with Ethan, Lena, and Link as they finally graduate from high school and get ready to leave the small Southern town of Gatlin. But when Dark Caster Ridley makes an appearance, the sometime bad girl can't resist picking a fight with her sometime boyfriend, Link. Angry and rebellious as ever, Ridley ends up alone in New York City and becomes entangled in the dangerous underground Caster club scene, where the stakes are high and losers pay the ultimate price.

Where's a Linkubus when you need him?

* * * * *

Novellas can be the perfect way to check out a series.  They are usually fairly quick reading and can be rather enjoyable as long as you don't expect a lot of depth.  This particular novella was number 0.5 in the series so I expected it to be a prelude to the series which would give me some glimpses of the characters as well as a taste of the authors' writing style.  And it did both.

I think who ever numbered this novella in the series was on something good.  I spent the first half of the story totally confused because it was assumed that I had already read the series.   Once I managed to figure out just who was who, I found that I enjoyed the tale.  It was quick paced and Ridley is that bad girl who tries so hard to actually be bad.  

DANGEROUS DREAM did just what it was supposed to do.  It interested me in the series which I am going to have to check out.  Just don't expect to read this novella first and make sense on what is happening from the beginning.


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