Feb 13, 2015


  • I have been working in the office since the beginning of February.  Now I enjoy working in the call center as there is so much energy there and I get a chance to listen to my co-workers which sparks all kinds of new ideas.  I work in sales so new ideas and new ways to position products is always good especially as I am not naturally a talker. 
  • The weather is being so strange.  There is a tree at the back of the parking lot which is growing fruit already.  I worry about it because I am sure that we are going to get another freeze.
  • My husband got some good news this week and I can't believe how much lighter the atmosphere is.  Tension that I didn't realize was there is now gone.
  • I have to admit though that I miss working from home because I have access to my laptop when it is slow.  This is when I tend to catch up on my blogs and email so I am sorry if you are waiting for a reply.  This is also when I tend to put up blog posts.


  1. I'm glad things seem to be going so well for you and especially that there is less tension in your home. Best wishes for all good things to come. :)


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