Feb 27, 2015


  • Just had to share a teaser pic for the beads that I sent to my partner Susan Kennedy of Sue's Beads.  I had a lot of fun playing with effects on this one.  It shows a bit more of the beads then suggested but since Sue has already received then, all is good.
  • Goodness, I miss having good tea at my fingertips when I am working in the office.  Since I am such a tea snob, I just don't drink tea when I am there which I am sure my body is loving since I am drinking so much water.  I do add Mio since I don't care for the taste of water in the office but I am not inhaling as much caffiene.

  • I finally decided on my word or words for the Art of Awareness blog hop.  The color was easy since both myself and my husband have fibromyalgia but the word was more difficult.  I finally decided on HOME because my house is what gets me up in the morning on the days when my fibro makes it difficult.  The beads are from Swoondimples (so is the pic).
  • There is something wrong with needing to mow the grass in February.  As I was leaving for work the other day, I noticed that I am the only one in the neighborhood that hasn't.  I just hate the idea of having to start that chore so early in the year.  I love my house but there are things that I can do without like yard work.  Whatever happened to kids around the neighborhood that mow yards for some extra cash?
  • Why are men so stubborn?  My husband fell down the stairs yesterday and hurt his back.  Of course, I can convince him to go in to  the doctor.  Instead  I get to hear him moan and groan.  <sigh>


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