Mar 6, 2015


  • There is something so wrong about needing to mow my lawn in February.  Regardless, I need to get out and do so though I think that I will wait until March.  Not quite so evil that way.
  • Chloe sure thinks I should be outside with her.
  • I feel so spoiled.  I picked up a surprise box of goodies from Lori of Pretty Things.  I had asked for gemstones but she slipped in a pendant from Round Rabbit.  I have always wanted a focal from this shop so I was really exited to see this and couldn't resist making myself up a necklace.  I think after looking at the pic though that I am either going to remove the bead dangly or add a few more strands.  What do you think?

  • I finally got a chance to start editing my husband's new book, Daughter of Darkness.  It looks really good.
  • I am so sad that we lost Leonard Nimoy.  Not only was a great actor but he was a good man.  His loss hit me a lot harder then Robin Williams' death mainly because I grew up on Star Trek.  Yeah one of the shows that I would let dictate that I be home on a certain time on a certain day to watch.  Boy how times have changed now that I don't really watch tv.
  • I think that I have finally found a background that I like for my jewelry and a set up that doesn't take up too much space.  I picked up the ceramic tile from Lowes and a steady stand from Modahaus.


  1. Love the necklace, and the background shows it off very nicely. Leonard Nimoy's death hit me hard too. I grew up with Star Trek and still watch the re-runs when I can. He was my favorite from the original series.


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