Apr 3, 2015


  • Yes I am still alive.  Sorry about not posting a ramblings last week.  I ended up with a kidney infection that knocked me out for a few days and I am still dragging from it.  
  • I never thought that I would end up fixing a window with duct tape again.  I do have to say that I could find my better products then I did thirty years ago.  I can actually see through it.
  • Found out that the loan for our house has been conditionally approved.  Now I just have to jump through a few more hoops.
  • I hate not having a window that I can roll down.  Now all of a sudden, drive-thrus are an impossibility to me.
  • Did you have any April Fool's pranks played on you or did you play any?  I haven't for years.  Aw the days of my youth.

  • I woke up on Sunday to find that I had won the set of lampwork beads above.  Isn't that frog just so darned cute?


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