May 26, 2015

Art Bead Scene May Monthly Challenge

Untitled, 1926-1954
By Augustin Lesage
Oil on Canvas

This month's inspiration was a toughey.  There were just too many colors and shapes for my brain to narrow down on.  And it really does remind me of the some of the coloring book pages I have been having fun with lately. 

It really is thanks to Erin's Simple Truth Club that I finally managed to come up with a design.  And to tell you the truth,  I didn't as much come up with a design as make sure I had a good frame for her wonderful bead. 

And speaking of the Simple Truth Sampler Club, there are spots open!  Erin designs up one bead a month based around the ABS Inspirational picture and sends it out to the participants.  It's a wonderful way to get utterly unique and gasp worthy beads.  If interested, just click here for more info.  If you decide to sign up, let her know that I sent you and we will both get an extra month on our subscription.

I actually ended up making both earrings and necklace based on this inspiration that can be worn together or separately.  These earrings feature tiles from JKD Studio and sodalite beads.  The tiles were just perfect for the muted tans and browns in this painting and the shape mirrored Erin's art bead.

And finally the necklace.  Along with the Simple Truths bead, I added sodalite to bring out the rich blues in the pendant along with brass chain and wire.  This necklace has a rich, almost Egyptian feel to it when worn. 

I will be selling both the necklace and the earrings together as a set.  Just drop me a line if you are interested.


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