May 8, 2015


  • We had an absolutely beautiful weekend and went out to pick up some more plants for our container garden.  We picked up some tomato plants as well as some summer squash and herbs.  I was looking for some zucchini and cilantro but wasn't able to find any.  Come to think of it, I haven't been able to find any zucchini in the stores lately either.  Is there a shortage that I just haven't heard of?  Not a lot of sun on my garden yet but I took the pic on my way out to work.

  • I had a visitor in my studio on Wednesday that I didn't even know was there until he moved and his collar jingled.   He found the highest point downstairs and the cat bed I had stashed down there.
  • I hate it when the weather changes from nice and sunny to cold and wet especially when I haven't had a massage for a few weeks.  I manage to keep my fibro sorta in bounds with these massages and highly recommend them.
  • Had to deal with calling the Social Security Administration on Wednesday.  The rep I talked with was great but I was on hold for almost thirty minutes to get to her.  After I was done, I did a survey and it asked if I took advantage of the ability to have an agent call me back or did I wait on hold.  I wasn't even given that option and of course,  the survey didn't leave any way for me to indicate that.  If you want to have a real survey, then give people a chance to leave a message at the end.
  • Picked up propane so really looking forward to my hubby's BBQ chicken breasts as well as everything else he grills.  Now if only he remembers to turn off the propane rather then draining the tank.


  1. great new plants! and fun to have a visitor in the studio :)


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