Jun 19, 2015


English: bangles
English: bangles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • I managed to get the moss off my roof. I don't mind heights but getting off the ladder onto the roof terrifies me. But it's done. 
  • Somehow I misplaced three of my bangles. I know I was wearing them at work yesterday and I woke up today and they were gone. No bloody idea what happened. Now I just hope they reappear. 
  • Our handfasting is getting closer. Need to go get wine and other things tomorrow. It's a beautiful ritual and some dear friends are conducting it. 
  • After going nuts all day on Tuesday, I got home and started searching for my bangles.  I found them under my pillow where I had looked that morning.  Have to love our Imp. 
  • Well I managed to get all of my running about done today except for one very important one.  I forgot to pick up dog cookies.  And of course the ones I use are only available at pet stores which are closed by the time I get off work.  Good thing my critters like popcorn.
  • Sorry about the lack of pics.  I just haven't taken any that I haven't shared already this week.  In fact, the only ones I have taken were for the Splendid Procession post yesterday.  So instead, I decided to show some some neat bangles that I found on Wiki.


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