Jul 27, 2015

New Earring Mondays: Weeks 31 & 32

I feel so proud of myself in that I didn't let this post sneak up on me. Not really.  I remembered but still had the heck of a time getting a good pic of this pair of earrings. 

Most of my problem is that one of the major details is on the bottom.  It's that a gorgeous violet?  It's a lampwork headpin from Dry Gulch.  But see what I mean?

Here's a pic of the whole pair with the lovely flower highlighted by sari silk and lampwork beads.  Still not the best pic.  Any hints anyone on how to get a good pic of this pair?

This next pair was much easier to photograph.  Beautiful lampwork hearts from EarthShine Beads in the UK, dyed agate beads and copper findings.  I find that copper and purple is such a rich combo of colors. 

Hmmmm...I must have been in a purple mood.  Not usually a color that I really work with a lot but come to think of it, I made a necklace in purple just last Wednesday though it will have to wait for the grand reveal. 

Now these New Earrings Monday is actually the brainchild of  SaraJo of SJ Designs and there are several different designers who join in on the fun.  So be sure to click on the link to see what everyone else has made in the last couple weeks.


  1. Those purple flowers are so unusual...very cool, but I see the issue with trying to get the best photo. That second pair is really sweet too. You were indeed in a purple place this week but it works! Thanks for playing along with me!


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