Jul 3, 2015


  • I have discovered that using a spray-on sun tan lotion (though it really isn't a lotion but I can't figure out what else to call it.) is enough to change my skin chemistry so copper will turn me green.  I do have to say that it confused me considering I had been wearing that copper bangle constantly for months.
  • Got together with some old friends I hadn't seen in months on Saturday.  It was grand but kind of baffling when I consider that I have known them for almost fifteen years.  Why is that baffling?  When I was younger, I was such a gypsy that to know and keep in touch with anyone for two years for quite the accomplishment.  You really do slow down as you get older.

  • I don't care what people say about climate change.  We are definitely experiencing it here in Washington.  We didn't really have a winter and it got up into the ninetys yesterday.  And then today we wake up beautiful thunderstorm weather.  Unfortunately, the storm never really hit.
  • Oh yeah.  I am working from home again.  Finally.  Had some snaffles with my computer on Thursday and Friday but everything is working right again.  That means you might actually start seeing some more posts from me.  Thank you for sticking around during my drought.


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