Jul 1, 2015

Review: The Field Trip

An adventure mixed with a touch of fantasy. Add a twist of love.

Although clumsy with women, botany professor Ross Barton possesses the quality of fearlessness when confronting danger. Relieved to be escaping routine school work and a bad relationship for a field research trip, a strange woman and danger are the last of his expectations.

Jay, an awkward young woman unwilling to disclose her past, begins a solitary hike into the forest with a pet concealed in a box. She claims the pet is a cat.

Rumors are spreading about odd lights in the night skies of New England.

A flight instructor reports that the government quarantined an area of Vermont woods.

All trails intersect on The Field Trip.

* * * * *

I started off on a bad foot with this book.  It reads as though it was written for the young adult audience with adult subject matter.  If I had been simply reading the book for pleasure, I would have put it aside after the first chapter.  But since it was for a review, I kept on reading.  This book is definitely a case where first impressions aren't always the correct ones.

As the story continued, I found myself becoming invested in Ross.  He really is a nice guy who finds himself in the strangest situations.  And he has a tendency to act without thinking.  That is how he found himself involved with Jay who is a rather strange young woman.  

The story is impossible, rather improbably and yet was very enjoyable.  Once I put aside my disbelief and decided to go along for the ride, I found myself laughing at some of the unique ways Ross has getting into and out of situations.

I do recommend this book to my readers that are just looking for a fun read.  You can't go wrong with a book that brings on a case of the giggles.


  1. i always love a great book review, so when i saw this i was so happy. thanks for an option that i dont already have on my list, i will be adding this to the summer read list..

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