Jul 21, 2015

Review: Witches Be Burned

Nexi Jones has lost her family, she’s been stripped of her guardian duties, and she’s still learning the ins and outs of white magic. At least she has Kyden, the smoldering hot elite guardian who’s been there for her every step of the way. But just as Nexi completes her training, tragedy strikes the Otherworld when a fellow guardian is murdered by a group of rogue vampires. Ready or not, she and Kyden trek into the Earthworld to hunt down a killer—and Nexi alone will be put to the ultimate test.

Although Kyden knows that Nexi must fight her own battles, his guardian instincts are raging as he struggles to keep her close. The ruthlessness of these vampires is like nothing he’s ever seen. And at their helm is the Black Witch Astoria, a demon with one burning desire: to shed Nexi’s blood in the name of vengeance. What troubles Kyden even more, though, is the warlock who covets Nexi’s heart. Let the devil do his worst . . . all Kyden can do is love and protect Nexi until his last breath.

* * * * *

WITCHES BE BURNED was my first taste of Ms. Kennedy's Magic & Mayhem series and I do have to save that it definitely piqued my interest.   It is filled with larger then life Guardians, Vampires, Werewolves and Witches who are all very human when you strip them to their cores.  

Nexi was raised as a human which gives her Guardian lover Kyden all kinds of trials and tribulations.  She is determined that she does her share of the work and faces her share of the danger while all he wants to do is protect her. And now there is a Warlock out to win Nexi's heart.

I found that I rather enjoyed WITCHES BE BURNED.  It does deal with dark subjects such as murder but in such a manner that it is three steps from reality.  This gives the book a light hearted feel.  It definitely fits into my brain candy category and I would recommend it to any of my readers who are looking for a break from the drudge of every day life.


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