Aug 23, 2015

Book Review: Awake

Scarlett doesn’t remember anything before the age of five. Her parents say it’s from the trauma of seeing her house burn down, and she accepts the life they’ve created for her without question—until a car accident causes Scarlett to start remembering pieces of an unfamiliar past.

When a new guy moves into town, Scarlett feels an instant spark. But Noah knows the truth of Scarlett’s past, and he’s determined to shield her from it...because Scarlett grew up in a cult called Eternal Light, controlled by her biological parents.

* * * * *

This book was eerie right from the beginning.  I just knew that there was so much more going on then what I could pick up from reading.  I thought that it was great that Noah was there to help shield Scarlett from her past but he definitely has his own agenda and once that agenda becomes clear I found that a lot of the tension ebbed. 

I really liked both Scarlett and Noah.  They were both easy to relate to and some of their issues brought back the ones that I had when I was a teen.  There were a few errors in consistency that I picked up  but they weren't glaring enough to pull most people out of the story.  I really appreciate the fact that the ending didn't feel rushed and while some strings were left uncut to make room for the next book, I found AWAKE's conclusion to be rather satisfying.

I do recommend this book to any of my younger readers and those that are young of heart.  No sex scenes that parents need to be worried about either.


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