Aug 21, 2015


  • Just what is 'old ladies' hair?  My husband made the request that when I get my hair cut, I don't get an old ladies' haircut.  I have longer, wavy hair which is incredibly heavy and with this hot weather it is miserable.  So I want to get it cut but not in an old ladies cut.
  • Why do people call a business when they are busy?  I just got a call from a possible customer who as soon as I answered the call, asked me to wait so he could finish an email.  We then got to talking about services and he put me on hold a couple times to take other calls.  I know that if I was calling a business, I wouldn't be that rude.  Of course, I also make sure that I have something to write with if I am calling for information,.


  1. Beautiful necklace Shai. I just got my long hair cut short . Several of my friends have told me that I look much younger.


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