Aug 28, 2015


  • I haven't really been doing a lot of pondering this week as I have been dealing with a toothache.  It finally subsided at least for the moment though I know that I need to get into the dentist.  I am just waiting until I have sick days again as any time I go to the dentist, I ended up with my jaw locked up the next day.  Not fun when you talk on the phone for a living.
  • I discovered that I like the taste of banana rum and it works well for a toothache.
  • I don't mind doctors.  I really don't but I absolutely hate going to the dentist and I know that a lot of people feel the same.  Why would someone want to join one of the world's most hated professions?  I can't see why anyone would get join in working in such a tight space that a lot of times has a nasty aroma and be hated for it.
  • Got good news on my home owner's insurance.  Apparently we cleaned up the roof so well that I got a discount on my yearly premium.  Very happy about that since I had one insurance cancel me and said I needed to get a new roof to be covered.  What's amusing is that this is the same company.  Just my agent works for a different company.
  • Went out and got my hair cut on Wednesday.  I had 6 inches cut off and layers added.  And it's still long enough to pull up in a pony tail.  I love it!  So much lighter.  I wonder if the weight of my hair was adding to my headaches since I have so much hair and it is so thick.  Heck it takes hours for it to dry and if I pull it up when it is still wet, I can just forget about it drying.  It's still damp when I take it down.


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