Aug 2, 2015

Review: Dave vs. The Monsters

Monsters,” said Vince Martinelli. “There are monsters on the rig, Dave.”

Dave Hooper has a hangover from hell, a horrible ex-wife, and the fangs of the IRS deep in his side. The last thing he needs is an explosion at work. A real explosion. On his off-shore oil rig.
But this is no accident, and despite the news reports, Dave knows that terrorists aren’t to blame. He knows because he killed one of the things responsible.

When he wakes up in a hospital bed guarded by Navy SEALs, he realizes this is more than just a bad acid trip. Yeah, Dave’s had a few. This trip is way weirder.

Killing a seven-foot-tall, tattooed demon has transformed the overweight, balding safety manager into something else entirely. A foul-mouthed, beer-loving monster slayer, and humanity’s least worthy Champion.

I was really in the mood for a science fiction.  And the blurb on this book sounded interesting but unfortunately, I didn't find the book to be so.

I know that for me to really enjoy a book I have to like the main character and well, I really didn't like Dave.  He has a tendency to be foul mouthed and is far too busy feeling sorry for himself and all his failures to be good company.

Even so since I was reviewing the book, I forced myself to finish it and there were a few redeeming factors. It was fast paced and does have some witty dialogue.  I also enjoyed how Mr. Birmingham managed to weave current events into the plot.

I can't really recommend this book though perhaps I am just the wrong sex to enjoy it.  I also didn't enjoy the Airplane movies though they are wildly popular with my husband and some of my male friends.  So perhaps you might want to give it a try but it wasn't my cup of tea.


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