Oct 17, 2015

Danse Macabre Blog Hop

One of my favorite holidays has always been Halloween but not the dark and gloomy part with all the vampires and ghouleys.  I prefer to celebrate the changing of the year and the visits with my ancestors.  It is part of the season of contemplation while I rest and recharge from summer.

It  is any wonder that I couldn't resist this blog hop being hosted by Lee of Strega Jewelry?  Especially when she puts it so eloquently.

Danse Macabre illustrates the universal aspect of death.   It comes to all, regardless of station in life.  Paintings were created with skeletons dancing their way to the grave, sermons were preached cautioning people that the material side of life was unimportant, death is a fate we must all meet, peasant, pauper, priest, pope or noble.  So, enjoy life, make the most of it for we are all on our way to the same fate.   Life, after all, is a glorious dance with the grave as the finale, dance through it with joy!
 Since it a celebration of life and the end of life, I wanted bright colors.  I wanted flowers and skulls.  And I found all of that with a focal I had been hoarding from Blu Mudd ceramics which has sadly closed down.  Yeah I know.  All in the circle of life.

I really wanted to play up the orange color of the flower in her hair so I went with carnelian beads which I hand-knotted on waxed linen thread.  And to bring in a sense of playfulness, there is also a tiny skull at the clasp.

Now a lot of my favorite designers are also joining in on the danse so be sure to check them out also.

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Catherine King                              Catherine’s Musings
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Becca White                                  Morgana Fey Creations
Kim Dworak                                   Cianci Blue
Tami Norris                                   Tamis Creative Spot
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  1. I like you necklace very much. Sugar skull pendants are great. I like how you used Irish linen. I have done that too.

  2. I love your design. The focal is wonderful, and you chose the perfect beads to go with it. Love the little skull by the clasp - nice touch!

  3. You made the perfect choice with the carnelian beads to ramp up the gorgeous focal bead! the tiny skull on the clasp is lovely.


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