Oct 16, 2015


  • I really thought that I was going to lose my little red boy last Friday.  We were laying peaceably in bed when he started having a seizure out of the blue.  Never had one before as far as I knew (he's a rescue) and he ended up having three throughout the night.  Not a lot of sleep for me since I had to cuddle him and calm him back down.  He's fine now though.  Looks like he had those three and that's his limit.  If it happens again though I am going to need to get him on seizure meds.
  • There is just something wrong when I get an email from Applebees on October 13th offering all active duty military and veterans a free meal on October 11th.  I am thinking that they didn't get a lot of takers this way.
  • On Wednesday, I was out doing my running around when I suddenly became exhausted and experiencing nausea. I came home and passed out. 
  • Still feeling drained on Thursday but had to work in the office. I was totally dragging until I received a notification that I had sold a necklace from my new collection. What a way to brighten my day!


  1. I hope you baby is okay!! I cannot stand it when my dog is ill .. oh, how I wish they could talk to us! Congrats on your sale!


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