Oct 23, 2015


  • I feel really lucky as I had a couple of beautiful prizes arrive.  The first is that Dragon's Eye.  It's it incredible!  I actually won that from a great artisan Deborah Head.  She has a monthly contest and I highly recommend entering.  I mean just look at the beauty of that eye!  Thank you so much!

  • The next batch of goodies have a story behind them.  I entered a contest on Facebook where an artisan lampworker, Pat LeGere, was selling some gorgeous beads as well as having a drawing.  I was lucky enough to win the drawing and I sent her off my address.  I hadn't received anything for a couple weeks so I was getting ready to drop her a line when they arrived.  I didn't recognize the address but when I opened the package,I did recognize Pat's work.  Apparently they were sent to the wrong person who was kind enough to let Pat know and then send them on to me.  I didn't save the packaging but I would like to thank both Pat and the unknown kind person.  I feel so spoiled as Pat really outdid herself on all these beauties.  I have fallen in love with lampwork headpins and just look at that hoard of them along with the focal, some spacers and a couple focals.
  • Wow!  Let no good deed go unpunished.  One of my best friend's little sisters is an addict.  She had been living with us rent free until she was able to get a job.  Instead, she up and disappeared for a few months.  She finally got in touch with me and wanted to come get her belongings.  I told her that she could come over last Sunday to get them.  Well she only managed to grab a few so we made new arrangements to finish up on Wednesday.  Monday night her new roommate decided that she wanted to come get them then.  I told her no since I work the next day.  This girl flipped out and tried to threaten me with the cops.  She then found out that she would need a court order for the cops to help her. I told her to go ahead and get one and that the judge would probably laugh at her since I have records of all the arrangements made.  I think that I am going to end up cleaning up that pig sty once she gets her junk out of there. At least I found a stable home for her cat after she deserted him the last time.
  •  Just found out that I am going to be sent one of Blueberry Cove Bead's Bead Boxes to play with and review.  So excited as they have a really nice monthly subscription service for beads.  I had been eyeing it for a couple months so I took the plunge and wrote to the owner asking if they would be interested in a review in exchange for one of their Bead Boxes.  I should be receiving it around mid November and I will be sure to share with everyone just what I received as well as what I design with it.


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