Nov 11, 2015

Book Review: Tracks of Her Tears

In the first thrilling Rogue Winter Novella, sleepy little Solitude, Oregon, wakes up to another deadly threat.

County investigator Seth Harding intends to spend the holidays with his newly reconciled family, but a few days before Christmas, a homicide thwarts his plan. Seth arrives at the scene and makes a painful discovery: the victim is his brother-in-law’s girlfriend. Her apartment has been ransacked and her toddler left motherless. To make matters worse, Seth’s brother-in-law, Bruce, is missing. With Solitude locked in a rare, deadly deep freeze and the temperature plummeting, the residents launch a desperate search.

Seth calls his wife, social worker Carly Taylor, to take the case so the little girl doesn’t get lost in the foster care system. With the holidays near, Carly brings the child home with them to celebrate Christmas. But when the Taylor farm is also trashed, Seth and Carly must race against time—and against a paralyzing winter storm—to find Bruce and catch a killer in the first pulse-pounding sequel to the Rogue River Novellas.

* * * * *

TRACKS OF HER TEARS is set in one of the small towns in Eastern Oregon and since I lived in one of those small towns when I was younger, it really was like taking a step back into my past.  It is almost amazing that there are still places where everyone knows everyone else and you don't need to lock your doors but they do exist.

 I really enjoyed TRACKS OF HER TEARS.  Even though it was a novella, I felt that I really got a chance to know Seth and Carly well.  My only complaint is that they kept referring to things that happened in the past as though the reader should be aware of them yet this is the first book in the series.  

I am looking forward to reading more stories set in Solitude and do recommend TRACKS OF HER TEARS to any of my readers looking for a shorter romantic suspense.  It is strong on intimacy and refreshingly light on sex.  

*** I received this book at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.


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